Welcome to Wayside Aquatics and the wonders of tropical aquariums. For those who do not know me or my shop, here is a brief run down of what Wayside Aquatics is all about.

Wayside Aquatics was formed in November 1995, when I moved from my former premises in Hutton (known as Burgess Aquatics) The main reason for this was to actually downsize the business, in to something much more manageable. A strange thing for a business to do you may say. Well, there was a very good reason for doing this. It is extraordinarily difficult to run a large aquatic centre, while maintaining the very best quality of stock (especially livestock) and customer care. By downsizing I was able to address these very important issues. To put it simply Wayside Aquatics is all about quality not size and quantity. The shop may be small but I like to think of it as perfectly formed.

The shop is located in a quiet semi-rural area known as Hookend which is situated just 10 minutes from the centre of Brentwood in Essex.

The shop specialises in tropical community fish, especially those most suited for planted aquariums.

I also stock a range of quality tanks, equipment and accessories to complement this. 

I hope as this site evolves it will become a useful resource to all my customers and visitors alike.

I wish everyone the greatest success with their aquariums.